Guided Tour

Take a tour of New Walk shown on the map below. Click the thumbnails to view a photo and description of each location.

Friends of New Walk
  1. Davy Tower

    Davy Tower

    Davy Tower is named after John Davy who lived there... read more

  2. Skeldergate

    Skeldergate Bridge

    Skeldergate Bridge replaced one of York's busy ferry services... read more

  3. York is renowned
			 for its many ghosts.

    St George's Field

    York is renowned for its many ghosts. New Walk being no... read more

  4. Blue Bridge

    Blue Bridge

    In 1738 a small wooden drawbridge was erected at a cost of... read more

  5. The Foss Barrier

    The Foss Barrier

    Standing on the Blue Bridge looking back towards the... read more

  6. Pikeing Well

    Pikeing Well

    Pikeing well is a grade II listed building. The well is made from... read more

  7. The Tramway

    The Tramway

    The tramway mysteriously disappears into... read more

  8. Millennium Bridge

    Millennium Bridge

    The Millennium bridge arches smoothly over the 80 metre... read more

  9. Rowntree Park

    Rowntree Park

    This park was given to the Corporation and citizens of York... read more

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